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My Ear is to the Ground.

Posted by on Feb 22nd, 2016 in ear to the ground | 37 comments

Believe it or not, though I live in Ohio, I still keep my ear to the ground. So, Scotty Boy, aka Scott Stradley, will no longer be serving on the Utility Board due to his move outside of the City. I guess that means he is no longer going to have the ability to serve the residents outside of the City while serving on a City Board. It will be interesting to see who Councilwoman Turner will replace him with. So, what else is the Scotty boy doing? Well, I heard or read that he apparently has a few short term...

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It’s All About Power

Posted by on Oct 31st, 2015 in ear to the ground | 9 comments

photo (1) I will tell you again, I am not privy to the postcards so I am getting my information about all of this a day late and a dollar short. Now, having said this, I will tell you that once I get the bug in my ear to do some cyber snooping I begin to get a handle on this – I think. I am talking about the recent postcards that were sent out targeting Amelia Graves who is running for her second term on the Vero Beach City Council. After a lot of snooping I was able to begin to connect the dots and some of the dots led me to the Republican...

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FPL offers to buy Shores part of electric system

Posted by on Aug 25th, 2015 in ear to the ground | 6 comments

Since I keep my ear to the ground I thought I would just send you this that I copied off of the most recent Dr. Faherty mass produced e-mail that he sends out on a regular basis. He says in this e-mail: “Vero should like FPL offer to buy Shores part of electric system” 1. FPL offers to file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a partial sale as it did before for the full sale which FERC approved. Councilmember Kramer’s objected to the full sale then and has supported a partial sale for a long time so he...

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My Ear Is To The Ground

Posted by on Oct 16th, 2014 in ear to the ground | 18 comments

I just read the Faheranty newsletter and I am astounded that they (Dr. Steve Faherty and Glenn Heran) are still preaching “Sell Sell Sell to FPL” The big news in his recent newsletter was the endorsement of what that crowd hopes is going to be a new troika…. Howle, Turner and Wilson. Here is exactly what the newsletter said: VOTE FOR PILAR TURNER, HARRY HOWLE, AND CHARLIE WILSON SUPPORT THE ELECTRIC UTILITY SALE and help Vero Beach get out of reported and unreported financial liabilities and debt!  Don’t these clowns know that in...

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Two Formal Complaints and One Pending???

Posted by on Aug 21st, 2014 in ear to the ground | 33 comments

Well, I had my ear to the ground and guess what I heard this morning. Remember the name Dian George. Well, in case you have forgotten, she is the gal who was Charlie Wilsons’s nemesis when he was elected to City Council a few years back. Dian was the person who took him to court about his not meeting the residency requirements and sure enough she was right because Judge Kanerak agreed with her findings and had the newly elected Charles R Wilson removed from the Council after only one month. Well, Dian is at it again. There are now two...

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Where or Where Does My Candidate Live

Posted by on Aug 14th, 2014 in ear to the ground | 19 comments

Do we need districts and rules and regulations for candidates anymore? I am beginning to think not as long as we get candidates like Charlie Wilson and Shawn Frost. Let us catch up on what’s going on with these two guys. Where do I start? Let’s start with Shawn Frost… I never heard of the Frosty one until he decided to run for County Commissioner and shortly after he got in the race he called and asked to meet me. I told him on the phone that as a political pundit of sorts and a premier blogger that I do NOT endorse candidates but yes, I...

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If you like your Chamber, you can keep your Chamber

Posted by on Jan 14th, 2014 in ear to the ground | 12 comments

Mark Schumann, editor of Inside Vero says that perhaps Charlie Wilson is hoping his new “faux chamber” will wind up with some of the state money that Gov Scott will be throwing at economic development and tourism. Yeah sure Mark…..Charlie Wilson is dreaming if he thinks his “faux chamber” will get any State money. Wait a minute, didn’t I read somewhere that he was NOT going to take any government money for his chamber? Keeping my ear to the ground as I do, I heard that Captain Kangaroo and one of his partners in crime, the...

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Who is Sean Frost? I mean Shawn Frost.

Posted by on Nov 29th, 2013 in ear to the ground | 16 comments

Who is Sean Frost?  OOPS….It’s Shawn. Apparently he has decided to run for County Commissioner for the District 2 Seat. That is the seat that is now held by Commissioner Joe Flescher. If you do not believe me….just go to his web site. http://www.frost2014.com/ Sure reads like a candidate to me. Now, usually, when someone has been sworn in as a candidate it is announced in the paper so I was really surprised when one of my bloggers told me of Sean Frost’s intensions on Bea-isms. So, having my ear to the ground as I do, I...

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Surcharge…Right, Wrong or Illegal?

Posted by on Nov 2nd, 2013 in ear to the ground | 15 comments

It is just a few days away from the City Municipal elections and I decided to put my ear to the ground and try to come up with something other than candidate rhetoric to write about. Well here it is. Brian Heady , Dr. Mallon and Dr. Katz .had an interesting conversation on Rhett Palmer’s radio show a while back and I thought I would share some of their conversation  on Bea-isms. Now, understand this. I am only reporting what I heard on the show and this seems to be a big one. Here’s what Dr. Mallon asked. What is the reason for the...

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Fuzzy Buzzy runs for City Council.

Posted by on Oct 1st, 2013 in ear to the ground | 10 comments

I thought I would feature Joseph “Buzzy” Gufanti, candidate for Vero Beach City Council in this article and, if I get around to it I will try to feature some of the other candidates in future feature articles between now and the election. One of my Bea-isms bloggers said he was shaking his head as to what Gufanti’s issues were,  so I decided to put my ear to the ground and listen to “Buzzy” explain why he was running for the seat. One of his reasons to run is because he thinks the current council has displayed an extravagant use of...

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