On Air with Bob Soos – 12/17/14

I talked to a person who shall remain anonymous and he tells me that the best way to handle campaign infractions is to contact the elections attorney in Tallahassee and ask the right questions. Ask them very specifically what they would do in a particular scenario. Like, what would you do if you knew that […]


On Air December 10, 2014

The main topic of conversation on the December 10th radio spot was….The Sunshine Laws.


On the Air with Bob Soos – Dec. 3

    On this weeks radio show Bob Soos and I talked about appointments to the Committees and Commissions. Newly elected Randy Old removed Mark Mucher from P & Z (Planning and Zoning) and replaced him with the person of his choice – Linda Hillman. Right out of the chute came the decision to approve […]


Wilson Found Guilty-Must pay $100.00 Fine

On Air with Bob Soos – November 26 Bea isms has been pretty quiet since the election. I talked about the re-organization of the City of Vero Beach – Then I gave a blow by blow description of the reorganization of the School Board meeting But everything that’s out there because of the elections is […]


The Anatomy of the Vote

              The anatomy of the vote. That is pretty much what I talked about on the Bob Soos show on Wednesday. Just click the link above and listen while you read this article. That way you can walk and chew gum at the same time. We were talking about […]


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