My Ear is to the Ground.

Believe it or not, though I live in Ohio, I still keep my ear to the ground. So, Scotty Boy, aka Scott Stradley, will no longer be serving on the Utility Board due to his move outside of the City. I guess that means he is no longer going to have the ability to serve […]


It’s All About Power

photo (1) I will tell you again, I am not privy to the postcards so I am getting my information about all of this a day late and a dollar short. Now, having said this, I will tell you that once I get the bug in my ear to do some cyber snooping I begin […]


FPL offers to buy Shores part of electric system

Since I keep my ear to the ground I thought I would just send you this that I copied off of the most recent Dr. Faherty mass produced e-mail that he sends out on a regular basis. He says in this e-mail: “Vero should like FPL offer to buy Shores part of electric system” 1. […]


My Ear Is To The Ground

I just read the Faheranty newsletter and I am astounded that they (Dr. Steve Faherty and Glenn Heran) are still preaching “Sell Sell Sell to FPL” The big news in his recent newsletter was the endorsement of what that crowd hopes is going to be a new troika…. Howle, Turner and Wilson. Here is exactly […]


Two Formal Complaints and One Pending???

Well, I had my ear to the ground and guess what I heard this morning. Remember the name Dian George. Well, in case you have forgotten, she is the gal who was Charlie Wilsons’s nemesis when he was elected to City Council a few years back. Dian was the person who took him to court […]


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