It’s Time For Some Chit Chat

Let’s get this straight. The City of Vero Beach, in its efforts to get lower wholesale electric rates, decided to look at other suppliers than Orlando Utilities Commission and all hell breaks loose. Yep, can you imagine….Vero puts their feelers out for a cheaper supplier in order to be able to lower rates to their […]


Time For a Little Chit Chat

It’s time for a little Chit Chat because a lot is happening in bits and pieces and some of this will take time to sort out. The Lagoon One bit of Chit Chat that has begun to sort itself out is the fact that the Cities of Vero Beach, Sebastian and Fellsmere have been allowed […]


Did You Know?

Did you know that short term rentals are an increasing problem in the unincorporated areas of the County? They are permitted and they are very loosely regulated. If you are bothered by this and you know of this kind of activity why don’t you find out if that person is licensed by the State to […]


A Little Chit Chat on Bea-isms

So, Mark the Hair guy is officially in the race for County Commissioner, District 3. Look out Zorc. You just might have to go back into partnership with your buddy Charlie Wilson in the private sector. I think the big race here will be a race for Rhett Palmers microphone by these two guys. I […]


Sunday Afternoon Musings & Campaign Chit Chat

Oh boy, oh boy. I was out and about on Sunday afternoon and my thoughts went directly to Russ “the Lemmonator” Lemmon. Seems as though every time I stopped at a light I saw an out of state license plate. I saw Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky. Wow, that’s three within one half hour. So, I […]


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