Shores resident goes mad over a few bucks.

Staying Informed through Inside Vero For those of you who miss my Vero Beach – Indian River County articles on Bea-isms I would just steer you in the direction of Inside Vero. Mark Schumann and the folks who work hard at keeping Inside Vero a local e-magazine blog/newspaper have my blessings and I will continue […]


The New Troika Strikes Again

Well, it looks like the new majority of the Vero Beach City Council will finally get their way. In a 3/2 vote, Howle, Moss and Sykes voted to sell off part of the City’s electric utility to FPL. It is almost been assured that in doing so this action will result in higher rates for […]


Will Elected Officials Be Sued?

I have to ask you folks in Vero Beach this question. Are the citizens taking to the streets protesting that the newly elected Council members are NOT their representatives? Being that I live in Ohio and all I am seeing on the TV is protesters all over the country saying that Donald Trump is not […]


Bea-isms is Open

I could say a lot about the Trump/Pence win and I could say a lot about the Sykes, Moss and Young win in Vero Beach but….I think I will just leave Bea-isms open to each and every one of you to make comments with your opinions if you care to. I am going to take […]


Uh, Excuse Me Sandie…

The following is a letter to the editor from Sandie MCGuinness. Her writings are in Italics and Bea-isms comments to her letter are in bold. Council members don’t keep promises on what was to be the FPL deal. Uh, excuse me Sandie, the council did keep all of their promises regarding the FPL sale. Way […]


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