Stop The Hate: He Is Your President Too

This is from a post on my Facebook from a very educated but, veeerrrry liberal person that I have a lot of respect for. He tries from time to time to point out how he feels about me being a conservative but he really has not a chance of making me flip to his side of the Political spectrum. My post was merely about hacking and I gave an example of hacking from when this web site was hacked. Copied below is my post on FB and in italics is his post:

FB: We know for sure that Russia HACKED the DNC and we know that the 2016 election was not compromised by the Hacking of Hillary Clinton’s home server. But, what we do not know is what else and who else Russia and other foreign countries have HACKED. I do know a bit about this and I posted one of my Bea-isms articles that my techy wrote regarding my website being HACKED. If it could happen to me with Bea-isms it could happen to anyone. HACKING is done all the time.

Comment: There is a syndrome called “commitment bias” that describes people who continue to justifying their previous support for a now-failing idea/ person … in order to save face. It is related to the “sunk cost” fallacy in which one desperately and in-advisably attempts to recoup losses by “sticking with my horse.”

So, I am going to try to answer his post where he is accusing me of having “commitment bias and accuses me of supporting Trump for failing ideas etc.

OK, so Trump is an obnoxious guy, a narcissist kind of guy, a boorish wealthy businessman who probably has become successful because of a lot of these awful traits of his. Keep in mind that he is not a seasoned politician who has not yet learned to lie to the public about public matters. In fact, he is so far from being politically correct in all he says and does that even when he does something good you might still have a tendency to hate him. Yet, in spite of all of this, he is our president.

I have come to hate the haters more than the awful “type” of person we have elected. When people are so blinded by hate for the man they are not allowing him to lead, then they are in one giant pissing contest with the world. Trump haters would rather see him fail as their President than to see this country succeed. I am more bothered by how much hate a person has for him than I am for him. I cringe when I hear this kind of hate. I have never hated anyone in my life the way Trump haters hate him. It gives me goosebumps when I hear this kind of blind hatred that I am hearing from the Media, the Democrats in congress and my Democrat friends. I hate their hatred of the man more than I hate his obnoxious traits.
The more people hate Trump the more reason I personally have to stick up for him for the good things he is doing for the country. Putin and Kim Jon-un are the real “deplorable” and our Media is in a frenzy over the fact that Trump is trying to bring some form of communication with these two enemy’s. He understands that to break the unbreakable ice between these two nuclear power enemies is the only path to world peace. So, because I support this action by the president, and because I believe a “break the ice” conversation between Putin and Trump has a right to be behind closed doors that does not mean I have a “commitment bias” syndrome. My acceptance of Trump meeting with these two political enemies should not describe me as someone who continues to justify this person in order to save face. I do not have to save face to justify my support for our President and his ideas. This is where I take offense to all of what my liberal friend has stated because I do not see failure.

As he has quoted in his FB response to me – “He is not a seasoned politician who has not learned to lie to the public about public matters.” You are correct in saying he has NOT learned to lie to the public as most all other politicians have done. So, you should learn to respect this president for that alone. The fact that he does NOT lie to the public as past presidents been known to have done. Remember, “You can keep your doctor, etc etc. is reason enough to respect him even though you do not agree with him or like him.

As stated in this post, this syndrome called “commitment bias” accuses me and other Trump supporters of trying to recoup our losses by sticking by our horse for his failing policies. I see more good than bad in our President and I choose to see the good over the bad because it keeps me on an even keel and it keeps me from what we Trump supporters call the Trump haters as having “Trump derangement syndrome.” Definition of Trump Derangement Syndrome is: Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a neologism applied by some writers and commentators to describe a reaction to President Donald Trump by liberals, progressives, and Never Trump conservatives who are said to respond to statements and political actions by Trump irrationally, with little regard to his actual position or action taken

My friend goes on to say: “It is related to the “sunk cost” fallacy in which one desperately and in-advisably attempts to recoup losses by “sticking with my horse.” I want to say that I am not sticking by my horse (Trump) because of any such “commitment bias” syndrome, I am sticking by Trump because of the rising stock market under his watch, the booming economy since he took office, the fact that he is trying to protect our country by protecting our borders, his undying support for our ally Israel, his direct approach to getting the United Nations countries to “own up” to their financial obligations so that the USA does not have to continue to carry the bulk of the financial burden on our taxpayers. And, I won’t forget his relentless ability to urge and get corporations to do business back in this country. And yes, he had the nerve and the audacity to demand that all of the nations involved pay their fair share. It’s about time a President came to the defense of the United States and about time we stopped being the purse for the world at the expense of our taxpayers. And, I agree with Trump on his aggressive attempt to converse and deal with our enemies in order to avert nuclear threats. Yes, I will put up with all of his narcissism and his tweets etc.and he basic obnoxious personality while enjoying his tax cuts and the good he has done and will continue to do for the betterment of the Country.

I will continue to support Trump more every day as the Trump haters hate him more every day. The more everyone beats up on him for doing his job in his own way and his own style the more the so called “deplorable” will stand behind him. And, my understanding of this tells me that he will be elected again for another four years. So, all you Trump haters, get over it and get used to him.

If you want to call this commitment bias then I will accept that from you to me my friend. I would rather admit to sticking up for Trump because of all the “hate bias” coming from the other side-you know what I mean, from the minority party, and especially the media who feeds the public all of this hatred for Trump. I would rather see the good he has done for all of our 401’s and job creation, bringing business back to the USA and making NATO members pay their fair share. I would rather see him “try” to be friendly with NOKO, China, and Russia than harbor the hate for them than can only lead to bad things and bad relations. Again, I am not a fan of his style but it is a fact that the diplomatic and politically correct style that we have all been fed over the past few decades has not worked. Too much turmoil in the world to cling to the “politically correct” ways of dealing with our enemies.

Again, my friend, I am not justifying my support for Trump to save face. The more I hear of all the hatred for Trump, the more I will stick up for him. And I can assure you Trump haters, that if all the Trump haters continue with their “Trump derangement syndrome” you will push the Trump supporters to the polls in unprecedented numbers in 2018.

I would like to see him get his wall built. Not because I hate Mexicans or Muslims or any other group of immigrants but because I realize that a country without borders is not a Country. We should welcome immigrants into this country legally and systematically as was done in the past. Maybe we need another Ellis Island type of operation at the boarder where we can stamp them legal as they are accepted. When I think of my family coming here from Russia, Austria – Hungry, Czechoslovakia, and Poland way back when, I know and appreciate their struggle but it was done legally and they were accounted for and records were made as to their whereabouts.

My final word to the left is: Donald J Trump is your president as well as mine and he just might have that job for eight years so… would be in the best interest of your mental health and the country as a whole to stop the hate for him, and GET OVER IT.

  1. Andrew says:

    Trumps poll numbers are climbing, even with his own party. I guess this is because of the never ending useless criticism. All of this insanity is driving people to Trump.

  2. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    I don’t hate him but he scares the heck out of me. What he said to Iranian leader was a threat of war. I don’t approve of his private dealings with women other than his current wife, but that isn’t any of my business. If he just would shut up and try to figure out the consequences of some of his Tweets…..and yes, he is embarrassing to listen to – like some relative who you ‘forget’ to invite to a family gathering because he turns it into a circus.