Enough is Enough

On November 21, 2013 I wrote Irony #1 and Irony #2 on Facebook.

Irony 1
“We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics.”
BUT on the other hand……. “We are also encouraged TO judge ALL Gun Owners by the actions of a few lunatics.”
How is that supposed to work…..??????

Irony 2.
The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 47 million people as of the most recent figures available in 2013.
Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.”
Their stated reason for the policy is because “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

While reading this I was wondering- what would be the irony today on November 21, 2017.

I don’t think there would be any doubt what the topic would be today. It would be all of the allegations of sexual misconduct by so many men that I can’t remember all of the names that are coming out from women. In fact, here are a few names that have been listed on the internet today regarding this topic. So, what is the irony here? Well, I think that sexual harassment needs to be defined a little bit more than what we are hearing in the news frenzy today.

I actually heard that if a guy persists in asking a girl for a date that is construed as sexual harassment. And, what defense does a guy have when he is, in his opinion, being accused falsely of sexual harassment -or when someone accuses a guy of something he did forty years ago.

So far, there has been approximately $20M taxpayer dollars paid to victims of sexual harassment over the past twenty years. This was hush money because the victims were not allowed to discuss it after being paid. Apparently when you make private settlements like what Rep. Conyers did, it does not let the accused woman or person going into that kind of situation warn other of this person.

The casting couch in Hollywood has been alive and well for as long as you can count the years, and the same can be said for Politicians. Men of power and wealth seem to think that women are so attracted to them that they can be had when they snap their finger or stick their tongue down a women’s throat or walk out of a shower buck naked when in the presence of a woman – but – what these men don’t know is that their power and wealth does not give them a license to sexually harass women.

“One longtime Pixar employee says Lasseter was known for “grabbing, kissing, making comments about physical attributes.” This is the kind of headlines you are seeing daily now that it is ok for harassed women to come forward. Others in the headlines are:Rep. John Conyers, Dustin Hoffman, Judge Roy Moore, Charlie Rose, Bill O’Reiley, Harvey Weinstein, Al Frankin, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Ben Affleck, George H.W. Bush, Chris Savino, Roy Price, John Besh, Mark Halperin, Michael Oreskes, are just a few names that have been brought forward. And, let us not forget Anthony Weiner, Mark Foley and Barney Frank.

And, BTW, what happened to ‘innocent until proven otherwise’. I am all for wanting to believe the women but that does not mean that all of them are being truthful and I have many doubts about women who come forward after 30 or 40 years. Just saying.

According to some progressive thinkers, if a guy is persistent on asking you out on a date that would be construed as sexual harassment. If that were the case we women would NEVER be asked out on a date.

So, the irony here is that sexual harassment will no longer be tolerated and that is the good side of all of this. As far as real sexual harassment goes I’ll bet half of Congress is shaking in their boots. And for all the women who have suffered from this gross behavior from men – they are saying….”Enough is Enough”

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Some very good points, Bea! And don’t forget those powerful women who might also be guilty of sexual harassment. I’d like to see a really clear definition of sexual harassment, since ones perception of a term may or may not be the same as the next person’s. Thank you for taking the time to write this!

  2. Bea-isms says:

    As of today we can now add Matt Lauer to the list of perps. Yes, he just got fired from the Today Show hosting job that he has held for many years for sexual harassment. He was a $20M
    a year employee. Hey Matt, was all that grouping and harassment worth losing 20 million a year?