Indian River County Kangaroo Court

Indian River County Kangaroo Court

Captain Kangaroo, aka Charlie Wilson,
has filed suit in circuit court against
the Vero Beach Art Museum and
Indian River County, alleging non-payment
of money owed him for helping secure an
impact fee refund of $97,717.62.
(32963 article Sept. 13, 2012 titled:
Charlie Wilson takes on museum)

The Captain says the art museum hired
him to discover and collect any impact fees due them and agreed to pay him 30
percent of any award. He says they owe him about $30,000.00 for these services.

Now, let’s follow the dots on this one folks. According to the news magazine, (32963) there was an article titled: “Wilson at center of new controversy over impact fee clients” story by Michelle Genz, week of April 12, 2012.

In this article Wilson and his associate Tim Zorc put the pedal to the metal and jumped ahead of getting a signed contract with the museum in order for Wilson and gang to receive the 30% commission for their work regarding getting the museum their refund. Please note: the reason I mention Wilson’s associate/partner at this time is because Wilson claimed he had nothing to do with jumping the gun on this contract with the museum. He blamed Tim Zorc for doing this. Wilson said Zorc filled out the spreadsheet, not Wilson. “I didn’t mark them, Tim marked them,” he said.

Actually, county development director Bob Keating provided spreadsheets of 350 property owners together with refund amounts to Wilson’s firm and a competing consulting firm on Feb. 23, and asked them to indicate which names were “their” clients. I believe common sense tells us that a client becomes a client when you have a firm commitment to be a client and it seems that the museum was only a potential client at the time the county agreed to send out letters to everyone with the information that a refund was due… fee was required in order for these folks to collect unless they had signed a contract with the Wilson/Zorc asset recovery company or any other entity to do their paper work for them to get this refund. Hmmm.

So, let’s recap. First article Wilson at center of new controversy over impact fee clients more or less indicates a very unethical thing being done to the museum while claiming them to be a client when they were not yet a client.
And here it is, just five months later, and the newest headline in 32963 says: “Charlie Wilson takes on museum”

This is supposed to lead us to believe poor Charlie is being screwed out of a commission by the museum, thus the lawsuit.

BTW, This is the same Charlie Wilson who told me early on (at the Hibiscus Festival) in my campaign against his partner Tim Zorc, and I quote Wilson, “If I were you, I would find me a good attorney” Maybe I should have gone to John Moore at that time. Hmmm.

When is this county going to realize that they are being had by this Captain Kangaroo character? And, let us not forget that this is the same character who badgered Kay Clem over forged signatures and now serves as the campaign manager for Tim Zorc in his bid for County Commissioner, Dist 3 He sure do get around, this Captain Kangaroo character and he sure do cause a lot of havoc everywhere he goes and everything he does.

Remember early in this article I said you need to connect the dots.

Here they are folks. Dot, Dot, Dot,
• Wilson apparently tries to cheat museum out of $30,000 by saying they owe him a commission when in fact they were NOT signed on as his client. In fact, all they did was apply to the county at NO CHARGE in order to receive the impact fee due them.

• Wilson tries to stick blame on Zorc by denying he didn’t do it. Same excuse he gave Kay Clem when she accused him of forging signatures. Yep, Wilson was right, he did not do it however, a lot of us remember when he threw his son under the bus for forging signatures on his petitions when he ran for office. .And, let us not forget his son is doing time for that mistake.

• When Zorc was salivating over a potential BIG commission with the museum and a few other BIG impact fee refund clients do you think he might have been needy and couldn’t wait to get his hands on these BIG commissions? Knowing what we know of the Zorc liability column on his Financial Disclosure form which he filed when he became a candidate for County Commission, (approximately $4.4 million dollars’ worth of liabilities) he indeed might be needy. Just saying.

• One last dot to connect is the attorney for these guys, John Moore. He is a big contributor to the Zorc campaign. Hmmm. How this cast of characters do weave their web.

Now, we all know how needy our Commissioner Candidate Zorc is based on his financial woes I ask you, could this kind of need translate to his duties as an elected official? And, one more question. Does this case of Wilson vs. the Art Musuem and Indian River County present his lawyer a conflict of interest? Just saying.
So, now that we know all this about the Zorc connection and the fact that it is becoming clear that Zorc will be peripherally involved in a law suit against the very county he wants to serve if he is elected. Hmmm.
The case has been assigned to Judge Cynthia L. Cox. Is this the true meaning of what we call a Kangaroo Court? We shall see.

  1. Max Newport says:

    I will have to vote for the independent candidate in this race because you are known by the company you keep. My predecessor met Charlie through Miss Vero and told me he was a nice guy. This Max is not quite so sure but then again I have never met or talked with him.

    This will be only the second time I have voted for the non-Republican candidate since I registered (and stayed registered) as a Republican in the early 1980’s. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Rick Scott either.

  2. Bambi Miller says:

    I am so happy that Bea-isms is back online :)!! I really enjoy reading “the rest of the stories” !!

  3. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Right now, I am leaning toward Mr. D in District 3 Commissioner race, but I would LOVE to have someone shed more light on this “No Party Affiliated” guy. He was a Democrat but wanted to run as a Republican but didn’t make the deadline for changing. BTW, wasn’t Ronald Reagan a Democrat at one time and changed to Republican? Bea, I’m really shocked that Charlie has the gall to go after the VB Museum of Art. They run a pretty tight ship there, so I would believe them before I’d ever consider believing C.W. I take that back – I’d believe most anyone on this planet before I’d believe the Captain.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    Max, Miss Vero liked CW. He charmed the pants off of her. I do not mean that literally.

    One thing he is good for and that is drumming up the Bar vote. That is what I am being told.

    The Captain has been very vocal in his dislike of Joe Baird and Bob Keating and now we know why. I’m gonna put my money on the County on this law suit.

    As to the election, to each his own. I will probably sit this one out. It’s called under voteing.