One Hundred Five Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars

One Hundred Five Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars

The word is out. The City of Vero Beach’s combined Water, Wastewater, and Reclaimed Water Utility System, as of September 30, 2011, is valued at $105,900,000, (One Hundred Five Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars).

Hey Solari and gang, so much for the city accepting the counties $24 million offer. Bye- bye to regionalization and good riddance to Glenn Heran’s fuzzy math spread sheets.

City residents are waiting patiently for some figures and facts regarding the sale of the Electric Utility. I wonder how the $100 million offer from FPL will stack-up once we get the GAI report back regarding the value of Electric Utility. Hmmm.

Did you know that GAI is only one of two firms in the entire State of Florida who is qualified to value utility systems? And, did you know that a good amount of the figures we have been getting from Glenn Heron are not substantiated? Congratulations to the City of Vero Beach Elected officials for having the foresight to hire GAI to do these studies. Bring it on.

Remember to JUST SAY NO to any referendum until there is a clear indication that the City of Vero Beach will be financially better off with a sale of the Electric Utility.

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Well! This is a delightful surprise! It’s time to celebrate this good news!!

  2. Bea-isms says:

    I’ll drink to that….Water that is.

  3. Liz Collier says:

    All the facts, all the figures, the we’re talkin’! Waiting for the other shoe to drop..hopefully square on someone’s toes! Going to be an interesting couple of months.

    • Bea-isms says:

      Already hearing talk like…..You can’t trust the figures you get from GAI. I guess they mean that we should go back and trust Glenn Heran. Hmmm.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    County Administrator Joe Baird said the price seems to be “excessively high.”

    Well, of course he would say that. Mr. negotiator himself. The only thing the county wants to do is “steal” this asset from the city.

  5. Bea-isms says:

    “If “regionalization is the “right” thing, let them abide by the properly evaluated worth of the system. Then work jointly with the City, bring in a licensed mediator and openly resolve the problem. That will serve everyone!” A quote from Warren Winchester”

  6. Liz Collier says:

    I don’t give a hoot what the county people say. They need to stick to solving their own problems, which quite possibly, are more serious than we know.

  7. Max Newport says:

    I have learned never to trust a talking horse.

  8. Warren Winchester says:

    GAI’s evaluation may seem a bit high to some, but it also seems foolish for the County to ignore the contracts they signed in 1987. They knew then that the end date of 2017 would require some investment.

    But instead of behaving responsibly as elected citizens who “do good”, they are behaving like a group of rebellious 18 year olds who think they deserve everything on the backs of someone else.

    In the early 80s when County government didn’t have a “pot-to-p-in, or a window to throw it out of”, they came to the City and asked them to install water, sewer and electric so that the County could grow and develop, and prosper.

    The result was Joint Vero Beach/Indian River County Resolutions 87-12,13,14 which are binding contracts. Such notables as Ken Macht and Gary Wheeler’s names appear of these documents.

    Everyone involved knew there was an “end date” and that the County would have to mature along the way.

    Unfortunately, this maturity has not seemed to happen.The current Commissioners and Staff seem to think the City taxpayers, who did the underwriting of the bonds issues which in turn now feed the county Coffers, should continue to support them by giving them all the infrastructure.

    Regretfully, these documents did not give a clear path to settlement, so the County acts like the “bully on the beach”, seems to think they should never have to pay for systems which permit them to earn huge incomes through tax dollars. There attitudes are both legally and ethically reprehensible.

    Florida Statues (FS 180) give a clear option when parties can’t agree, to seek arbitration. The City has done their part by getting the GAI due dilligence on all the utility systems.

    Maybe it is time for the County to act like boys with long pants, request the avenue of arbitration and let’s see where it goes. After all, fairness is important and carrying your own weight is important.

    The County, since they are acting like a group of hungry buzzards, should take the lead on the request to arbitrate, and then maybe we can be good neighbors again sometime soon.

    Impartial arbitrators can take the emotions out of the process and deal with facts. Good leadership would be rewarded.

    For those who question the process, check retired County Attorney Will Collins’ memo to Chairman Davis of 10/7/2009.

    Warren Winchester