Bea-isms is the creation of Bea Gardner, often known as the voice of Indian River County. This is where you can find out what is happening in your community with news and commentary regarding things of interest through the eyes of Bea Gardner and others who contribute to the debate with their comments.  

Bea-isms is a quick read that will keep you informed and up to date on things as they happen and we intend to keep you additionally informed on the things that develop from such happenings.

Our philosophy is, if you read it, hear it, or see it and it raises your curiosity, then it is probably worth blogging about.

Bea-isms has grown from a little blog to a great big blog, enjoying as many as 40,000 unique page views per month. That is in excess of over 1200 views per day.  The cast of characters grows as new folks enter into the “news” arena.  When you become a regular at Bea-isms you will get familiar with the Bea-ism’s  Krazy Kast of Kharacters.

The more you read Bea-isms the easier it will become to navigate this very simple and easy to read blog site.  Most everyone just clicks on the Recent Posts menu which is situated to the right.

When you comment on Bea-isms you can be certain that your identity will not be divulged.  When you fill out the comments section your e-mail address does not go public….only the blog name shows up with your comments, whatever that may be.

You may want to read just the most recent articles or you may want to click on the tabs and read some of the archived articles. Whatever you do, I promise you will not be bored. 

Tabs are as follows: 

 articles our cutting edge articles allow you to have interaction by entering your comments at the bottom of each article.

chit chatcasual conversation: small talk,gossip, chit-chatted, chit-chatting, chit-chats, to engage in small talk or gossip.

ear to the ground Idiom definition of ear to the ground. If you keep your ear to the ground, you try to keep informed about something, especially if there are rumors or uncertainties.

on airevery Wednesday morning at about 8:35 Bea Gardner does a Bea-isms update on the Morning Magazine, hosted by Bob Soos. WTTB AM Radio at about 8:35am. If you miss the show there will be a pod cast of the Bea’s radio spot posted on Bea-isms by the next day.

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