Bea-isms is the creation of Bea Gardner.

This is the blog where you can find a lot of interesting things about a lot of interesting things through the eyes of Bea Gardner and others who contribute to the debate with their comments. In fact, your comments are what make this blog so very interesting.

My philosophy is, if you read it, hear it, or see it and it raises your curiosity, then it is probably worth blogging about. The chapters in the new tab titled septuagenarian will also be worth blogging about. Your experiences during your seventies or about anyone else in their seventies will be fun to read.

Bea-isms has shifted from political and issue oriented news about Vero Beach, FL to her book in progress which is all about being a septuagenarian. Check out the septuagenarian tab and jump right in with your comments as you read a chapter. Most articles that are archived on Bea-isms, including chit chat, ear to the ground, and my radio spots on the “on air” tab are a quick read or quick listen that just might stimulate your mind and inspire you to jump right in with your thoughts and ideas regarding my articles. By the way, if you want to go into any of the archived articles on any of the tabs you will get a glimpse of the original blogging atmosphere that was started while I was living in Vero Beach

When you comment on Bea-isms you can be certain that your identity will not be divulged unless you want to use your real name. When you fill out the comments section your e-mail address does not go public….only the blog name shows up with your comments, whatever that may be. So, if I fill out the blog using the name of Mortimer that will be the name that will show up when you blog.

You may want to read just the most recent articles or you may want to click on the tabs and read some of the archived articles. Whatever you do, I promise you will not be bored.

Your feed back is always important so…..blog away with your own opinions.

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